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James Gunn wants to make an R-rated movie about Drax

The filmmaker James Gunn, responsible for the trilogy of Guardians of the Galaxy and the last Suicide squad currently in theaters, he would like to expand the universe created around his key characters. While he has previously been confident that he will not direct any more films after volume 3, there is no indication that he will or will not stop his collaboration with Marvel and disney, a firm that had fired him as a disaster two years ago. Little stingy on sharp details, Gunn also revealed that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will also kill one of the central characters of the group (Rocket is in pole position in rumors and theories.)

During a recent interview broadcast by Indiewire for the promotion of Suicide squad, James Gunn he was asked about the possibility that Disney start making rated movies Classification R (corresponding to a ban for minors under the age of 17 unaccompanied by an adult in the United States and a ban, at least, for minors under 12 with us). This is what he replied:

“I think they will, I’m sure. Not with the Guardians though, as they are family movies so it’s different. The R-rated Guardians? I would love to but that is not possible, no ”.

James Gunn apart from the entrusted continuation of wanting to make a movie “Barbarian Drax” who would it be Classification R, thus fulfilling the wish of Kevin feige develop a lot of content Wonderful around secondary and tertiary figures of the MCU :

In short, the atmosphere and the very dark tone of a movie. Drax would be poles apart from the very familiar side desired by Disney. In addition, the actor Dave Bautista He’s less and less inclined, according to his latest interviews, to spend hours putting on makeup to play the character. Finally, the shootings Classification R They are not new to the firm with big ears. Only “Deadpool 3” serves as a plausible candidate, but the film does not yet have a shooting date.

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