Usain Bolt’s statements in which he assured that he would have won a medal in the 100-meter sprint event at the Tokyo Olympics, and that he could even have achieved Olympic gold, have already received a response from the Italian Marcell Jacobs, the great winner in the Olympic final.

Through his Instagram account Jacobs sent a curious challenge to Bolt after his words. “You’re my hero, so thanks for taking your hat off. But you also said that you’re sure you would have won, so I’m up for the challenge. Shall we start with a ‘capture the flag’ charity challenge?Rae your team and I’ll take mine, “said the Italian sprinter.

We will see if Bolt accepts this curious challenge proposed by Jacobs in what would be the first duel between the last two Olympic champions of the 100 meters And yes, the challenge of catching the flag moves to the tartan to see in action two of the great figures of speed in athletics.


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