Iván Villar: “My job is not to shut up mouths”

The Morracense goalkeeper appeared at a press conference to talk about his settlement in the sky-blue goal, despite the signing of Diego Alves, for whom he had nice words. He chooses the save he made against Betis to keep his team in the game as the best in his repertoire so far.

sensations: “I am feeling very well. It’s a bit sad because the opportunity comes due to the injury of a teammate, which nobody likes, but from the first day I came to train very hard, that is something non-negotiable and the opportunity was given like that. I am very happy because the results are accompanying”.

Debate: “My job is not to shut up mouths, my job is to be effective in goal, to help the team when needed. If there is debate or not, it is not essential for me. I leave those debates for other people.”

Evolution: “This is continuous learning. In the pandemic it was the first time that I had continuity and it is completely different to play with the public. The games and the training sessions make you improve”.

Diego Alves: “You all know him, for me training with him is something very positive. We help each other and I only have good words for him.”

best stop: “Perhaps that of Betis because it allowed them not to increase the advantage on the scoreboard and then we were able to come back from the game.”

Shield/Team Flag

Substitution in Cup: “It was not the worst moment of my career. I had more complicated moments with injuries. I took it as a decision by the coach, who always chooses the best option to win the game, and I continued training just as or perhaps with more enthusiasm to try to reverse the situation”.

Gabri Veiga: “Both my colleagues and I are very happy that a boy from the house, who has been here for so many years and knows what this is, has exploded at this level. I hope it continues like this, it is helping us a lot. If they talk about him, it’s because he’s having a fantastic season”.

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