“It’s not very concrete”: Elisabeth Borne wants to regain control of ecological planning

We had perhaps forgotten it a little in recent months: Élisabeth Borne is also in charge of ecological planning. A mission set by Emmanuel Macron even before his re-election last year, and which still is, as his job description indicates.

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This mission, assigned to Élisabeth Borne, is also a priority set once again in her 100-day roadmap. But after long weeks under the sign of pension reform, “We kind of forgot the planning part”smiles a deputy to BlazeTrends, while the tenant of Matignon will issue, Monday, May 22, a progress report before the National Council for Ecological Transition.

Emmanuel Macron could well regain control

In October 2022, the head of government had explained her method and since … Not much.“It must be said that it is not very concrete, it is a bit of a Soviet thing”, defends an adviser. And yet, the Prime Minister has multiplied her meetings with ministers: housing, construction, agriculture … Except that, since January, the pension reform has occupied all the space. At Matignon, we agree, it is time to show that Elisabeth Borne has the file in hand, before the announced presentations of concrete measures in June.

Especially since in recent times, it is rather Emmanuel Macron who has embodied the planning. It was he, for example, who announced the water plan at the end of March. The president is planning a new trip to ecology this week. As for the planning, it must be completed at the end of June. The Head of State could well regain control, at the risk of eclipsing his Prime Minister again.

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