Martínez Munuera left Granada with ten players on the field of play in the 67th minute of the match against Madrid, after expelling Monchu for an outside tackle on Vinicius. At half-time, the Madrid forward had already complained to the match referee about the harshness with which Robert Moreno’s players were defending him, and that has been repeated throughout the season. “It’s always the same with me,” Vinicius complained to Martínez Munuera, while the referee tried to reassure him on the way to the locker room.

“From the referee’s perspective, I believe that the trip goes very high, to the knee, that’s why he expels him,” Iturralde González said., in a first appraisal of the hard entry of Monchu, during the live broadcast of the Carousel Deportivo de la Cadena SER. The AS referee added: “It is because of the height of the trip. The ball has already passed, it does not go to the ball dispute and it goes to the knee. If there is no ball dispute, that is already a kick, it is already an assault “.


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