Italy will pay 13.5 million euros to al-Qaeda for the release of three people kidnapped in Mali

According to Malian digital media, the release of the three Italian hostages kidnapped in Koutiala on May 19, 2022 after paying a ransom is imminent.

They cite Algabass Ag Intallah, Ahmed Ag Bbbi and Khaled Ag Mohamed (son of the former), three terrorists who negotiated with the support of the authorities and Iyad Ag Ghaly, the emir of the Support Group for Islam and Muslims (JNIM). Algerian and Italian secret services, the release of the three Italian hostages after paying 13.5 million euros. The hostages are handed over to Italians and Algerians on Algerian soil.

Algabass is already in Tinzaouatene, waiting for the exfiltration team to take them to the Algerians and Italians before pocketing the ransom money that he must take to his mentor Ghaly.

“This hostile situation and the financing of terrorism comes at a time when terrorists have their backs to the wall and are experiencing significant financial difficulties. The payment of the ransom will once again give the terrorists a breathing space to destabilize Mali, thanks to the support of both countries, Algeria and the Italians, the so-called friends of Mali,” emphasize the same media.

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