In the UK, a doctor was suspended for signing patients’ livers.

A bizarre incident in medical history in the UK in which the registration of a surgeon was canceled after he was accused of trying to brand a treatment by writing his name or autograph on the liver of two patients during treatment. Did

Surgeon Simon Bramhall’s name has also been removed from the medical register, after which he can no longer work, accusing him of trying to brand patients’ livers.

During the interrogation, Simon confessed that he had signed the liver of two patients with a special argon beam machine in 2013.

The incident took place at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where Simon consciously tried to brand his treatment.

His case has been pending for some time, and now the Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service (MPTS) in the UK has ruled that the act reflects medical negligence and selfishness, the lawsuit said. That has also reduced the public’s trust in doctors.

Then in December 2017, Simon admitted to assaulting people or patients twice while at work, after which he was fined 10,000 and sentenced by Birmingham Crown Court. I was sentenced to five months off work.

The Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service then applied for a restraining order, stating that although the autograph on the liver did not cause any physical harm to the patients, it did cause mental trauma.

Following this position, Simon’s appeal for clemency was rejected and despite all services, his medical license was revoked and he was immediately dismissed.



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