Israeli forces unleashed an apocalypse on Palestinians, 5 martyrs

Beit al-Maqdis: The occupying Zionist forces have martyred five more Palestinians in the West Bank by showing brutality.

According to foreign media reports, Israeli forces conducted a night-long search operation in the West Bank area of ​​Jericho and searched house to house.

According to the report, under the guise of a search operation, Israeli forces shot and killed five unarmed Palestinians and seriously injured three others, all of whom are youths.

According to a foreign media report, the refugee camp has been under Israeli siege for the past one week and the Zionist forces have heated up the market for atrocities.

On the other hand, the Israeli forces said in their initial statement that all the five people who were killed were from Hamas. These people were involved in the attack on the Jewish restaurant on January 28.

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However, Hamas strongly denied the statement of the Israeli forces and said that the occupying forces targeted innocent Palestinians under the guise of an operation.

It should be remembered that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed his nefarious intentions to the world by allowing the Zionist police to shoot directly at unsuspecting Palestinians.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has said in a conversation with the media after the security cabinet meeting that Israeli citizens know how to defend themselves.

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