Home Business Israel donates device that purifies contaminated water

Israel donates device that purifies contaminated water

Israel donates device that purifies contaminated water

The Israeli embassy in the Dominican Republic donated yesterday the NUF filtering device, to the Camungui sector, in Nigua. The device will make it easier for the inhabitants to have access to drinking water, filtering up to 500 liters of water per hour from the Nigua River.

The beneficiary communities include between 500 and 800 families that will no longer have difficulty accessing potable water. The donation is made thanks to the Israeli Agency for International Development Cooperation, Mashav.

The Israeli technology device has different applications that allow filtering water for agriculture, wastewater, and industrial use, among others. This innovation reuses dialysis filters to mechanically and without the use of electricity, return water to the user without any contamination.

“NUF is one of those great innovations that manages to protect the environment on the basis of recycling and that makes it possible to purify contaminated water in a very simple way, in rural areas that do not have access to drinking water or domestic use,” said Daniel Biran. , Israeli ambassador.

The donation was delivered to the community by Ambassador Daniel Biran, the Deputy Head of Mission and Consul of the Israeli Embassy Avia Levi and the Vice Minister of Bilateral Foreign Policy of the Dominican Republic, José Julio Gómez, in the presence of the mayor of Nigua Jorge Ortiz Carela and other authorities.

The embassy says in a press release that it will soon donate two more NUF devices to other communities in the country.

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