Home Sports La Voz del Fanático celebrates 20 years on the air

La Voz del Fanático celebrates 20 years on the air

La Voz del Fanático celebrates 20 years on the air

Two decades have passed, many careers of great athletes in various sports disciplines have begun and ended since that afternoon in June 2003, when a group of experts decided to unite their talents to start a great project.

La Voz del Fanático became the first interactive sports program in the Dominican Republic to be broadcast on frequency modulation (FM), with the first live broadcast being on June 3, 2003 through Radio Universal.

That day, the member of the Dominican Sports Hall of Fame, Roosevelt Comarazamy, Bienvenido Rojas and Jorge Allen Bauger began what has become a benchmark in sports communication in the country, permeating the popular taste of the public that is interested in in sports, in addition to topics such as cinema, music, history, geography and many more.

Over the years, great figures from the local sports chronicle have been part of this majestic platform, including Mickey Mena, Mario Emilio Guerrero, José Luis Mendoza, José Armando Acta, Dámaso García Benoit, Arving González and Rubén Sánchez.

In addition to this, the program has had expert collaborators such as Héctor Gómez, John Castillo, Daniel Santana, Dr. Ricardo Pérez Pandelo, Michael Monegro, Ronie Cruz, Antonio Tavarez, Laura Bonnelly, Alfonso Muñoz Cordero, Aldwin Sención, Jonathan Tiburcio , Rafael Díaz, Ildefonso Ureña, José Antonio Mena, Marcos Sánchez, José Luis Montilla, Manuel Paredes, Gabriel Santiago, César Rosario, Joseyni Polanco, Yoshira, Osvaldo Sing, among others.

Currently, the program is led by top-level analysts who daily debate, inform and share the main current sports issues and beyond, such as Carlos Almánzar, Iván Joel Ramos, Alex Luna, Daniel Araujo, Jordaniel Abreu and Odalís. Santiago, with the technical coordination of José Luis Martínez.

The original idea of ​​the project is the responsibility of Félix Olivo and Odalís Santiago, who had the vision of Héctor José Torres “La Fuerza”, who as the owner of the radial plant, had the vision of opening the doors to a project of this type. .

During this time, the space has been on Radio Universal stations, where it remained until 2011. Then it became part of the ESPN Radio project and is currently broadcast on CDN Radio 92.5 FM from 5:00 to 7:00 PM, linking with CDN Deportes for the first hour.

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