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Ishtiaq Ahmed’s drama ‘You Why Single’

Ishtiaq Ahmed's drama 'You Why Single'

Placards are held by some neighborhood boys with black cloth covering their eyes and face. Where it is written – Neetu you leave Bengal, O foreigner you are very bad, hurry up foreigner, Neetu-fitu let go!

No, not a march or movement. This is Ishtiaq Ahmed’s ‘Why are you single?’ A scene from the play.

Mishu Sabbir and Rukaiya Jahan produced drama ‘Tumi Ken Singel?’ Coming next Thursday evening on ‘AZ Multimedia’ YouTube channel.

Shaon Mazumdar, Anwar Hossain, Pamir, Priyanti Gomez, Shashi, Badshah and many others acted in the play. The drama is produced by Tajul Islam Rajeev.

In the story of the drama, Mishu Sabbir is an unmarried single youth. Ghatak is looking for a bride for marriage.

If you can’t get married within the specified time, you have to leave your father’s house and property. On the other hand, Chamak also came from abroad to get married.
Both of them hired the same marriage media ghatak Shaun Majumdar to find them a match. Both press on.
As a result Shawn can do neither properly.
As a result Mishu Sabbir and Chamak start a conflict of ego and dominance. Everything goes through such a flow of events.

The drama has been shot in different locations of Dhaka.

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