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ISHowSpeed Kicked Out of Stadium, Misses Cristiano Ronaldo Encounter

IShowSpeed ​​very angry: He couldn't see Cristiano Ronaldo because he was expelled from the stadium

YoShowSpeed ​​is a popular streamer known for his entertaining content on Kick and Twitch. He consistently produces viral clips that have gained him international recognition. One of his notable traits is his passion for Cristiano Ronaldo, often displaying his admiration for the Portuguese star.

Recently, ShowSpeed ​​attended the Euro Cup in Germany to catch a glimpse of his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. However, his plans didn’t unfold as expected.

Speed ​​misses the opportunity to see Cristiano

Speed ​​typically travels with a group, including bodyguards, cameras, and friends. This can make navigating stadiums complicated. On this occasion, they encountered an unexpected situation. Normally, they are allowed to move freely in the VIP areas, but this time, they were told to leave the stadium.

Apparently, someone had decided to kick them out. ShowSpeed ​​and his group were leaving the locker room area through the parking lot when the streamer questioned the decision: “But why are they kicking us out? Besides, they’re kicking us out, not them.”

IShowSpeed ​​fails to meet Cristiano at the EuroTwitch

Speed ​​complained about a group of people being allowed to stay in the area while they were being asked to leave. When they reached the exit, a police officer told them to join the rest of the people outside. One of ShowSpeed’s bodyguards and people from his group confronted the agent, claiming they couldn’t leave and that their superior had lied to them.

Eventually, Speed ​​saw the national team bus leaving, confirming his fears. He seemed very angry, saying, “It can’t be that I missed the opportunity to see him because of these police officers.”

He enjoyed Portugal’s victory

After the game, ShowSpeed ​​thoroughly enjoyed Portugal’s victory, thanks to Conceiçao’s goal. He was seen celebrating in the stadium stands with his characteristic gesture, a backwards flip.

Happiness flooded the American streamer, but his joy was short-lived, as he was left disappointed at not seeing Cristiano Ronaldo.

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