A major emergency system was put in place on Thursday May 5 after an incident at the Sassenage tanks in Isère, reports France Blue Isere. The students of a 5th grade class from the Saint-Ismier college who were taking part in a visit were surprised by a sudden rise in water.

All the college students were able to get out very quickly in the company of a teacher and a caving instructor. But two other professionals and a teacher, who stayed behind, did not have time to leave, and were stranded.

Crisis PC set up

A backup system has been put in place according to France Bleu Isère. A crisis PC is installed in Sassenage in the fire station. The GRIMP, intervention group in dangerous environments, is engaged. About thirty cavers were also mobilized to extract the three adults as soon as the water receded. The operation could take several hours.

On July 22, 2014, eight speleologists were also trapped in the Sassenage tanks. They were able to be rescued and emerged unscathed after spending more than 24 hours in the cave.


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