If he travels through many TV shows since the rumors about his possible presidential candidacy, Eric Zemmour has so far never been invited to the France Info set.

During an exchange between the elected Communist Ian Brossat and the political journalist of France Televisions Gilles Bornstein in the program “Your political guest”, on France Info, this absence was justified, thus raising a controversy.

While discussing the potential candidacy of Eric Zemmour in the presidential election of 2022, the journalist indicated that Eric Zemmour “was not allowed to come here”.

Eric Zemmour reacts on Twitter

The polemicist was quick to react on Twitter. “Gilles Bornstein, who are you to prevent me from speaking on the public service? The French deserve that you give them their taxes! ”, He launched on the social network, referring to the TV license.

Pointed out, journalist Gilles Bornstein, in turn, responded on Twitter, assuring that he had “poorly expressed”.

He said that Mr Zemmour will “of course” be invited to France Télé, but only once he has formalized his candidacy for the election.

Laurent Guimier, news director of the channel 27, confirmed his remarks. “In any case, Eric Zemmour and the school of thought he represents are prohibited from broadcasting on France Télévisions. Eric Zemmour will obviously be invited to our political meetings if he is a candidate for the presidential election, ”he also said.


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