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Irani Women Against Hijab: Question in Iran and ruckus in India about Hijab


Irani Women Against Hijab- India TV Hindi News

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Irani Women Against Hijab


  • Ruckus over 22-year-old Mahsa’s death for not wearing hijab
  • Outrage among Iranian women against hijab
  • Muslim women do not want to wear hijab in Iran

Irani Women Against Hijab: There is anger among Iranian women against the hijab in India, which Islamic contractors want Muslim girls and women to wear forcibly and are prevented from doing so. Iranian women are forcibly burning it by throwing it into the fire, showing a mirror to Islamic contractors. She considers imposing hijab in this way as a violation of women’s freedom. Muslim women in Iran say they are living in a modern age where the hijab cannot be forced. On the other hand, Indian contractors are fighting in the Supreme Court to allow Muslim women to wear hijab to school and even college. This can be understood the difference in the thinking of the Muslims of India and Iran.

Masih Alinejad tears up as he talks about mobile phone messages he has received in recent days from women protesting against the government in Iran. Protests are taking place in Iran against the government after a 22-year-old girl died in police custody for violating the country’s strict religious ‘dress code’. Messages received by Alinejad on his mobile phone described the danger he faced in case of a face-off with the security forces.

Outrage among Iranian women against hijab

The forcible imposition of the hijab has sparked outrage among Iranian women. Against this, she has been protesting against the government for several days. The special thing is that a section of men is also supporting his campaign. But the government forcibly wants to suppress this movement of Muslim women. Security forces have a long history of cracking down on dissidents of the government of Iran. In WhatsApp messages to women in Iran, videos of clashes with police, women taking off their hijabs and cutting their hair have been sent. Alinejad, 46, said in New York City, “I can still feel the anger expressed in the messages I received on the mobile phone. The writer has been living in exile in New York after leaving the country since the 2009 election in Iran. “They (women) are being ignored for years. That is why they are angry. Iranian women are now furious.

Ruckus over 22-year-old Mahsa’s death for not wearing hijab

Mahsa Amini, 22, was detained on September 13 for not wearing the hijab properly. He died three days later in police custody. The authorities had told the cause of his death to be a heart attack. After this, public outcry arose. Demonstrations began after Amini was buried on September 17 and have spread to dozens of cities. At least 11 people have been killed, according to the Associated Press news agency. Gradually the matter reached the United Nations. The special thing is that America has also come in favor of Iranian women. Human rights organizations are also condemning the Iranian government in this matter.

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