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IPL Playoffs Scenario 2023: 6 Team IPL Finish!

IPL Playoffs Scenario 2023: 6 Team IPL Finish!

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Virat Kohli MS Dhoni

IPL 2023 Playoffs Scenario: Gujarat Titans. The champion of IPL 2022 and the first team to enter the playoffs in IPL 2023. Apart from Gujarat Titans, captained by Hardik Pandya, no other team has qualified for the playoffs so far. One team’s place is confirmed while two teams are now out of the race which are Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Now the battle continues between seven teams for three places. Right now it’s hard to say which four teams will qualify for the playoffs, but we’ll tell you that aside from GT, those four teams may. Remember that this is only a possibility and after the next few matches the scenario may be completely opposite.

IPL 2023 is going on between the teams to go for the playoffs

If we look at the points table of IPL 2023, we find that Gujarat Titans is at number one and has entered the playoffs as well. The team currently has 18 points and the team has one game left. That means the team has a chance to go straight from 18 to 20 points. Even if the Gujarat team loses this match, they will remain number one. Now no one can match it. Following this, Chennai Super Kings, captained by MS Dhoni, is at number two, with 15 points from 13 matches. If the team wins their last game then they can have maximum 17 points, similar is the story of LSG i.e. Lucknow Supergiants. Mumbai Indians currently sit at number four with 14 points from 13 games. If MI wins its last game, it will have 16 points. That is, if CSK and LSG lose their matches and Mumbai wins, then they will have a shot at number two. But if CSK or LSG win their last match, MI will have to settle for number three or four even after a win.

RCB still has every chance to break into the top 4

RCB is another of those teams that can reach 16 points. The good thing for Royal Challengers Bangalore is that they have played 12 matches so far with two matches left. At this moment the team is standing at 12 points. By winning both games, the team can reach 16 points. If RCB could win just one match and the top teams managed to win their respective matches, even after the win, it would be difficult for RCB to break into the top 4. However, the good thing for RCB is that their net run rate is positive, which can be a very profitable business. But according to the possibilities that are being made so far, it can be said that GT will remain at number one, while CSK can finish the league stage at number two, after this it is likely that LSG will remain at number three. . At the same time, Mumbai Indians are at number four. Today, RCB will have to win their match against SRH at all costs to leave Mumbai Indians behind. Only RCB can spoil the party for three of the first four. It seems difficult for any other team to get ahead.

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