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IPL 2023: Why isn’t Umran Malik playing 11? Captain Aiden Markram’s Sensational Revelation

 IPL 2023: Why isn't Umran Malik playing 11?  Captain Aiden Markram's Sensational Revelation

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The 65th match of IPL 2023 was played between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Sunrisers Hyderabad had to face defeat in this match. Sunrisers Hyderabad player Umran Malik was not part of the 11 players in this match. The Hyderabad team has suffered from the absence of Umran. When team captain Aiden Markram was questioned about Umran’s absence in game 11 at the time of the draw, he gave such a statement that there seemed to be quite a stir. Markram made it clear that he has no idea why he isn’t playing.

Markram’s shocking statement

Sunrisers Hyderabad fast bowler Umran Malik has been running out of playing 11 for a long time. He played his last game by himself on April 29. Regarding Umran Malik, Aiden Markram said that Markram doesn’t understand me much but definitely Umran is an X factor player, he bowls at the speed of 150 kmph but I really don’t know what is going on behind the scenes but he he has a lot of X factor. After this statement from Markram, many questions have arisen regarding the management of the team. It seems that the captain is unable to make decisions on his own to select the 11 to play. The real performance of him is also clearly visible on the equipment. The 2016 champion team has been underperforming.

Markaren was not happy even after the game.

Captain Markram was not happy even after the loss in the match against Royal Challengers Bangalore. He said after the game that he hit well but he couldn’t make the most of the opportunities. Markram said after the game that I think we hit very well but we couldn’t make the most of the chances. There could have been some deficit in the power play. Markram said he was disappointed his team couldn’t win the match for Klaasen, who scored a century. He didn’t win the game against Henrique, who hit brilliantly today.

He said this about Virat Kohli and Faf

The Sunrisers skipper said the partnership of Kohli and Du Plessis took the game out of their grasp. He said: “Faf and Kohli destroyed our hopes in the match. Markram also praised the fans who flocked to the stadium for their last home game of the season. He said that the support was excellent not only for us but also for RCB. Sorry, we couldn’t get you a win. But thanks to him.

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