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IPL 2023: Easy path to playoffs for CSK, LSG and RCB

IPL 2023: Easy path to playoffs for CSK, LSG and RCB

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IPL Playoffs 2023 Scenario Opportunity: playoff run. playoff scenario. That is, the battle to reach the top 4 of the IPL 2023 is going on right now. If the cricket world is talking about anything these days, it is about which four teams will be participating in this year’s IPL playoffs. With only five matches left in the IPL and three days left in the league stage, no team has qualified for the playoffs except Gujarat Titans. When the match between RCB and SRH was played on Thursday, it was expected that if the Sunrisers Hyderabad team beat RCB, Chennai Super Kings and Lucknow Supergiants would go through to the playoffs and the spot would be vacated for one team. But what good is it if RCB lose so soon. RCB have not only conquered the number four spot by winning their game, but they have also made it difficult for other teams. By the way, all the math and multiplication equations are being set up regarding the playoffs to make it so, but we are going to tell you about such a method in very easy language, by which the top 4 teams can qualify for the playoffs.

After Gujarat Titans, the road for CSK and LSG is very easy

If you look at the points table of IPL 2023, leave at least the Gujarat Titans captained by Hardik Pandya. Because he’s not going to make any difference in someone’s victory or defeat. Either the team win the next game and go with 20 points or lose with 18 points as it is now. Let’s start with the CSK captained by MS Dhoni. Chennai Super Kings have one match left and the team is at number two with 15 points from 13 matches. The team’s next match will be Delhi Capitals at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi on Saturday, this match will be played from 3:30 on the day. On this day i.e. May 20, Lucknow Supergiants will face KKR at night. LSG have also amassed 15 points from 13 matches, the team currently sits at number three. If CSK and LSG win their respective matches, they will enter the playoffs. That means Chennai Super Kings and Lucknow Supergiants will have 17 points. CSK has a net run rate of 0.381 and LSG has a net run rate of 0.304. That is, if the points are equal, the team whose net run rate will be better will reach number two and the other team will reach number three. But if both teams lose their games, the equation will be different. But the easiest way to make the playoffs is to win and play in the playoffs.

Only a team from RCB and Mumbai Indians will stand a chance

Now let’s talk about RCB. Royal Challengers Bangalore have made it to number four on the points table at the moment and have made a new claim for the playoffs. RCB’s next match is against Gujarat Titans on the night of June 21, who have been winning matches so far. This match will be played at RCB’s own home, Bengaluru. If the RCB team wins this match, then the road to the playoffs will be almost open, but their road will not be as easy as CSK and LSG. Because Mumbai Indians get in the way. Mumbai Indians is currently sitting at number five and also has 14 points. If RCB and Mumbai Indians win their respective matches, their points will be 16. Now the decision will be based on the net run rate. That is, the team whose net run rate will be good, that team will enter the playoffs, whose net run rate will be good, and having the same number of points, the other team will stay due to a low net run rate. As of now, RCB’s NRR is 0.180 and Mumbai Indians’ -0.128. If there is not much change in this, then RCB will comfortably go to the playoffs. It is also easy for RCB who have to play the last league match on June 21, that means they will have a target ahead of them that if they win the match in how many overs, they will move into the top 4. On the other hand, if the Indians from Mumbai have to go to the playoffs, then they will not only need to win, but also have to record a big win, so that the net run rate will improve. On the other hand, the easiest way is that if Mumbai Indians lose their match, then all the previous teams will automatically go to the playoffs.

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