Insurance Plans & Mental Health Treatments: Why This Connection Matters

A mental health epidemic is sweeping the United States, affecting young and old alike. People from all socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnicities are suffering from anxiety and depression at unprecedented rates. Sadly many of these individuals do not have health insurance and cannot, therefore, access mental health treatment. Unless these people take out plans they will likely continue to suffer from untreated mental illnesses; insurance can change these people’s lives for the better, giving them access to better healthcare.

Here are all of the benefits of health insurance:

Immediate Healthcare

Until you have health insurance you likely won’t be able to get problems treated immediately unless they are an emergency and require hospital admission; things like drug and alcohol addiction are not considered emergencies in any of the nation’s hospitals so you can therefore not get help with them. You may be able to access certain community groups but even these sometimes require individuals to have insurance in order for participation to be allowed. Without insurance, you are essentially all on your own and nobody will be able to assist you with your problems. The only waits for individuals with health insurance experience are when they are on lists to access private treatment which does not tend to be very long. 

When you take out a plan you will immediately be given access to world-class treatment clinics and hospitals. All that’s required to gain entry to these places is an insurance card. You can access TRICARE rehab or other effective treatment programs. As well as seeking help with an addiction you can also sign yourself up for mental health classes or therapy. Some individuals enroll in mental health clinics which are like rehab centers, except they focus on mental illness rather than addiction. Such clinics tend to be just as expensive as rehab centers and are equally as effective at treating the problems of their residents.

Better Quality Treatment

When you have health insurance you will be able to access better-quality treatment. As a general rule, individuals without insurance are able to access hospitals for emergencies; if they have been stabbed or shot for example, then they can turn up at any hospital in the country and receive treatment. For anything other than emergencies, however, uninsured individuals are not entitled to the healthcare of any kind. To this end, people who care about their health and do not want to wind up suffering mental and physical ailments should apply for health insurance.

When you have health insurance, you can get access to a much better quality of treatment; not only will the treatment you receive be better but you’ll be able to access long-term treatment. In hospitals in the United States, the uninsured have emergency injuries and illnesses dealt with, then they are served a bill and discharged. Such individuals, therefore, do not get good quality treatment. For your health and peace of mind get health insurance so that you can deal with any problems as soon as they arise and ensure you are in good mental and physical shape.

Insurance Plans & Mental Health Treatments: Why This Connection Matters

Peace of Mind and Comfort

Individuals who are uninsured tend to spend a lot of their time worrying about what they’ll do if they end up sick. Such people are more likely to develop stress disorders than the average insured American. Frequent stress and anxiety can be very bad for people’s mental health. Stress disorders can be just as hard to cope with as more serious mental ones like schizophrenia. Individuals with these disorders experience flashbacks and sudden panic attacks; it can be hard living a normal and comfortable life when you are in a constant state of fear and alarm.

By taking out a health insurance policy you will be given immediate relief from your worries; you will never have to think about what you will do in the event of sickness or illness ever again. Health insurance will ensure that your issues can be resolved quickly and effectively, saving you from having to worry about the financial implications of sudden injuries. It should be noted however, health insurance premiums can increase the more you make claims. If you are constantly visiting a therapist or private hospital for treatment then you’ll have to pay more each month towards your insurance.

Coverage for Life

Taking out an insurance policy means that you are covered for life. As long as you make repayments on time your policy will never be withdrawn. Even individuals who make frequent claims don’t have their plans taken away from them. It is only if your insurance company suspects that you lied to them on your initial application or gave mistruths to secure insurance that your policy will be withdrawn. Health insurance means that for the rest of your life, your health will be looked after by experts and professionals; you can attend as many doctor’s appointments as you want without worrying about excessive fees.

Another type of insurance you might want to consider taking out is life insurance. Health insurance only covers private individuals while they are alive. After your death, life insurance will kick in and your family will be paid a fixed sum, depending on what you agreed with the company when you took your policy out. A life insurance policy is the best way to ensure that your family is looked after in the event of your demise; worrying about one’s family after one’s death can likewise be a source of fear and anxiety, making mental illness much worse.

Choice of Therapists

In terms of mental illness, health insurance can give individuals access to therapists of their choosing. Some charitable organizations give people the opportunity to pursue therapy without having to pay; however, there is a limited choice of therapists and patients do not really have the option to opt for one over another. When you have health insurance you can find a therapist independently without anybody else’s help and then apply to become their patient. If you do not like the therapist you work with you can find another without having to pay an excessive bill or being kicked out of therapy altogether. 

To deal with your mental health issues you need treatment. Unfortunately, healthcare costs are higher than ever. Unless you have an insurance plan in place it is unlikely you will be able to afford to enter rehab or therapy. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding insurance; it is not as expensive as many people think it is. You have no reason not to take out a policy regardless of how much you make each month; affordable plans are available.

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