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Instagram: Soon, everyone will have the right to insert links in their own stories

Instagram: Soon, everyone will have the right to insert links in their own stories

Instagram, the app for billions of users, continues to multiply the tests of new features on its platform. Although some lucky users might try publishing photos and videos from the PC version, the social network announces this Tuesday, June 29, 2021, another experiment. Instagram wants to offer a new system for integrating links into our stories.

Instead of offering a link materialized by a swipe up (slide up on the screen) located at the bottom of your story, it will soon be possible to add a link via a sticker. Just tap it to be redirected to the site highlighted by Instagramer.

The main novelty, however, is in the the opening of this resource. Currently, you must meet certain conditions to embed a Swipe-Up link in your Instagram story. It is necessary to keep at least 10,000 followers and have a verified account. Which, you’ll agree, significantly reduces the number of eligible users.

However, Instagram would like to propose this system of links in the form of stickers for all users, no precondition. Good news for more modest Instagramers who would like to be able to highlight their products or services from their stories. Instagram product manager Vishal Shah says testing is limited and that now it’s about figuring out how people will use these 2.0 links.

In particular, they will monitor the types of links users will share, keeping a close eye on misinformation and advertising spam. The social network also specifies that it would like these sticky links to replace the current Swipe-Up links. “That’s the kind of future system we’d like to create. And that’s what we hope to implement, if we can make this system work”, assures Vishal Shah in the columns of The Verge.

The company specifies, however, that the stickers links will be reserved exclusively for stories, and therefore there is no intention to offer them elsewhere in the application. While testing continues, Instagram has yet to give a date regarding a possible rollout of this feature.

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