Insiderone of the companies focused on generating personalized and multi-channel customer experiences, has announced a $121 million Series D round led by QIA, with a valuation of $1.22 billion. Other investors that have participated in the round include Sequoia, Riverwood Capital, 212, Wamda Capital, Esas Private Equity and Endeavor Catalyst.

Early predictions indicate that Insider will invest 20 million euros in the Spanish market over the next three years. The additional capital will be used to fuel rapid expansion, further improve technology and scale local investments in sales and marketing. Insider has aggressive global hiring plans and anticipates the creation of more than 50 jobs in the next three years in Spain, with great emphasis on recruiting women engineers to fill R&D and product development positions.

Spain has been a key market for Insider since its expansion into Europe. The company opened offices in Barcelona in 2019 and has put significant resources into recruiting top talent. From its establishment in Spain, Insider has collaborated with more than 30 of the most important companies throughout the territory; Currently, major brands such as Yves Rocher, LTC (El Corte Inglés), Sprinter, Helvetia, La Redoute, Kenay Home and Forum Sport have chosen Insider to offer personalized experiences to their customers throughout the Spanish territory through channels of email, SMS, web and Apps.

“Insider’s technology can solve many of the challenges Spanish brands face when it comes to delivering efficient cross-channel experiences to their customers. It is clear that for many companies, being able to orchestrate their “customer journeys” and deliver relevant messages to each customer and, based on data, is now a priority. Insider’s platform is easy to integrate and allows marketing teams to optimize their acquisition, activation, retention and sales strategies” it states Celeste Romero, Head of Marketing Spain at Insider.

Today, consumers digitally interact with brands on six or more channels on average. Marketing teams are faced with challenge of being able to connect with customers on their preferred channels and when they are most active. Insider’s AI-powered platform brings together the broadest personalization capabilities in emerging messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, RCS and SMS. Insider technology coordinates all data on-line Y offline on a single, unified platform that enables marketing teams to:

  • Connect customer data across channels and systems to reveal interests and preferred touchpoints
  • Predict future behavior with an AI-powered intent engine; Which customer segments are likely to convert, buy and abandon?
  • Orchestrate and deliver personalized and optimized experiences to customers.

What does Insider offer?

Insider integration takes minutes, not months, which rReduce dependency on internal IT teams. The platform allows digital marketing teams drive growth across all channels and all the way through the funnel, which affects ROI metrics, conversion rate, CAC, CLTV, and average order value.

With this funding milestone, the company also became one of the few female-led SaaS unicorns in the world. Insider has achieved a csteady and rapid growth and according to Crunchbase, it is one of the top 9 B2B SaaS unicorns globally: 5th B2B SaaS unicorn in the US, 4th in Europe, 2nd in Asia, and 1st in Latin America.

“We have scaled remarkably in the last three years and managed to triple growth. In the same period, our global team grew by 300% and our client base continues to grow. We are a trusted software partner for leading global brands like Samsung, GAP, MAC and Santander. We are focused on bringing Insider to more markets and becoming the number one choice for every marketing team and expert on this planet.”, says the founder and CEO Hande Cilingir.

The Mr. Mansoor bin Ebrahim Al-Mahmoud, CEO of QIAstates the following: “QIA is constantly looking for innovation, both in the MENA region and globally, in line with our growing focus on the technology market. Insider clearly stands out in the marketing tech ecosystem, and its highly personalized results deliver value to audiences and businesses alike.”

The insider platform is used by marketing teams at over 1,000 global brands, including large groups such as Samsung, GAP, Santander, Vodafone, IKEA, MAC, Virgin, Toyota, Singapore Airlines, MadeiraMaderia, Marks & Spencer, BBVA and Estée Lauder. Insider teams in 28 countries ensure local support for their customers.

More about Insider

Founded in 2012 by Cilingir (CEO), Serhat Soyuerel (Chief Revenue Officer), Arda Koterin (Chief Customer Officer), Sinan Toktay (CTO), Okan Yedibela (VP of Engineering) and Muharrem Derinkök (Chief Product Officer), the team at Insider is made up of more than 700 members of 41 different nationalities in 28 countries around the world. insider is a women-led organization in which 60% of the company’s senior executive positions, including the CEO, CMO, CFO and CHRO, are women.

Hande Cilingir was chosen as one of the top female CEOs outside of the US by Crunchbase. The martech platform is trusted by a third of companies FortuneGlobal 500 and half of the companies Dow Jones Global Titans 50. Insider was named a leader in The Forrester Wave for Cross-Channel Campaign Management 2021 and in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for customization in 2021. The company has been named the #1 Leader in Personalization and Mobile Marketing Software by G2 with a rating of 4.6/5 for 20 consecutive quarters.

Investor Quotes

Pieter Kemps, director of Sequoia Capital

“What we see from Sequoia is that the companies that can satisfy their customers are the ones that win; and Insider is doing just that. Taking personalization to another level to help brands captivate their customers. And without a doubt, this is the future of CX.”

Joe De Pinho, director of Riverwood Capital

“The level of competition for SaaS companies has risen across the board over the last 5 years. Insider stands out as an outlier. Hande is a truly exceptional leader and, backed by her brilliant teams and co-founders, she is building a world-class software company with capabilities that surpass many in Silicon Valley. His is a different mindset: one that breaks boundaries and makes what seems impossible to many possible.”


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