Insects infiltrated the lungs and brain, the spooky story of a newborn

HANOI: Insects had infiltrated the lungs and brain of a newborn girl in Vietnam, but thankfully the baby survived.

According to the details, the worms also entered the lungs of a newborn from Vietnam, but she survived and her parents threw the baby into the field in a bag.

The orphan girl is now three years old and healthy, but her heart aches when she hears the story of the first months of her life, a farmer heard her cry.

The farmer saw that there was a baby in a bag that was being eaten by insects and larvae, the baby was in very bad shape and its shape was not recognizable.

The farmer took the baby to the hospital, where X-rays and ultrasounds were performed and insects, larvae, and red bags were found to have penetrated the newborn’s lungs, nose, brain, and inside ears, and bite marks were also found. of dog. on the baby’s body.

After tests, doctors said the girl had a condition called hydranencephaly, in which half of the upper part of the brain was missing.

Seeing the critical condition of the girl, doctors advised that they take her to Singapore for treatment, which would cost a lot of money. He asked for help with treatment and the girl was taken to Singapore.

The girl, who became famous in Vietnam, is now three years old. Mahanai Tae searched hard for the girl’s parents but could not find them. She said that she wanted to punish the parents who had abused her so much.

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