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Iñigo Martinez reports well on Agirrezabala

Julen Agirrezabala has an ally who could promote his signing at FC Barcelona, ​​as a former Athletic teammate has given very good reports to the Barça club

The archer who wielded the Sporty until the end of Copa del Rey This season is on the radar FC Barcelona. It is about Julen Agirrezabala, one of the best young goalkeepers in all of Spanish football. However, despite his high level and potential, he has no place as a starter due to competition with Unai Simón. That’s why the Barça team has their eye on him. AND Iñigo Martínez gave very good reports about the goalkeeper.

The central defender, who shared the dressing room with the young goalkeeper, defended the Culé jersey all season. And as a good connoisseur of the true level Julen Agirrezabala would have done it recommended his signing to FC Barcelona. Especially knowing the team’s intentions to strengthen a line that has caused many problems this season.

Iñigo Martínez Agirrezabala
Julen Agirrezabala’s season has not gone unnoticed at FC Barcelona

Iñigo Martínez agrees to sign Agirrezabala

Although Julen Agirrezabala will be nothing more than a stranger to many fans, Athletic’s second goalkeeper is a goalkeeper with huge potential. But he is not only a goalkeeper for the future, he also has a lot of present. He proved that in the Copa del Rey this year by defending Athletic’s goal at a very high level.

Additionally, Julen Agirrezabala was a national player for the Spanish U21 national team, which proves its potential. But luck was not on his side as he had to compete with Unai Simón for possession. Something that has pushed him into a secondary role in recent seasons, slowing down his projection. But Iñigo Martínez, who trained with him, recommended his signing to FC Barcelona.

Athletic lets the player decide

Although his contract runs until 2025, Athletic will respect any decision made by Julen Agirrezabala. The club understands that at 23 years old he has the desire to play many more games. Something that Bilbao cannot guarantee due to Unai Simón. That’s why they understand that I’m looking for new challenges.

Currently, Julen Agirrezabala is focused on finishing the season with Athletic by winning the Copa del Rey and qualifying for the Champions League. He will then decide on his future together with those around him. A hopeful future as he is one of the best young goalkeepers in Spanish football. That’s why there will be no shortage of offers to get into the starting eleven in LaLiga.

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