Iñigo Martínez accelerates renewal with clause agreed with FC Barcelona

The central defender from Ondarroa wants to leave the future resolved as soon as possible

The president of Athletic I had a plan to achieve renewal of Inigo Martinez and now it gives the feeling that it will fulfill its objective. Mind you, surely not in the way she had thought. Because the defender remains very attentive to the possible interest of the FC Barcelona. But the first thing is to guarantee its future.

It is true that there was a contact when the signing of Joules Koundé. But in the end it didn’t happen. In addition, the offer FC Barcelona did not satisfy the interests of a Athletic who was not interested in selling. Now, Inigo he knows that he must sign the renewal if he does not want to face a problem from January.

inigo renewal
Athletic celebrates one of the goals scored against Elche CF

Jon Uriarte resists FC Barcelona

Jon Uriarte was very clear at what price he would be willing to let the footballer go. They did not want to get rid of a key footballer a few days after the market closed and without the ability to find a valid substitute. That is why they referred to the clause or to an offer above the fixed 30 million.

The Athletic president’s plan was very clear. Resist until September 1 and, once the market is over, sit quietly and talk to the player. Iñigo, for his part, prefers to sign the renewal, to have a guaranteed future, but with very specific conditions.

The renewal of Iñigo Martínez is now feasible

Iñigo needs to sign a renewal, because he does not trust to agree to a transfer by FC Barcelona and that later does not bear fruit. Because what has happened this summer has already been seen. In January, FC Barcelona wanted to sign Morata and postponed it for the summer. But this summer neither more nor less than Robert Lewandowski has arrived.

Iñigo could see himself without a contract and without a team, at 32 years old, an age that is complicated for a defender. That’s why all parties want to be covered. Athletic will sign the renewal of Iñigo, but it will include an option in which if FC Barcelona offers around 20 million, it will be accepted. Everyone happy.

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