Home World “Influencers” are entering the US presidential election

“Influencers” are entering the US presidential election

“Influencers” are entering the US presidential election

The American campaign groups spend millions of dollars hiring social media influencers to make this happen influence voters of niche communities in some very close elections in November.

president Biden He also courted Influencers Famous and recently he offered them a reception at White House with several hundred viral internet stars. On the other hand, Trump card has famous high-profile conservatives on its hands, see the case of Chaya Raichik.

According to experts in the field, there is an explosion of groups political marketing focused on targeting lesser-known social media users who typically have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Niche communities in the spotlight

Both left and right groups believe this Microinfluencers they create trust and are a way”cheap“to achieve that younger electorateas well as minorities like black and Latino voters. These social media users, some of whom are not normally politically active, are also called out Payments in the three to six figure range in a poorly controlled space.

This campaign is motivated by the fact that many voters in the Generation Z They avoid television and newspapers in favor of News from content creators on social networks. Meanwhile, new privacy changes and restrictions have been introduced Manzana And Google have made targeted political advertising more difficult.

It’s about target groups and numbers

In the Left A network of marketing groups has emerged Influencers to support Democratic PACs and advocacy groups, including Vocal Media, People First and Social Currant. On the side conservativeInfluenceable, describes itself as a “management platform and agency”. Influencers Used by brands, organizations and campaigns around the world Business Anti-Woke“.

However, experts warn against this There are no federal regulations about him political content payed by InfluencersTherefore, it is up to individuals and the groups they work with to decide whether to disclose their affiliations.

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