Home Sports INEFI delivers three renovated soccer fields at Pedro Brand schools

INEFI delivers three renovated soccer fields at Pedro Brand schools

INEFI entrega tres canchas remozadas en planteles escolares de Pedro Brand

The executive director of the National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI), Alberto Rodríguez Mella, delivered three renovated courts on Tuesday at the Marino Moreno González Educational Center (primary and secondary level) and the Alba Luz Casilla Díaz Basic School (district 15- 06) of this town, activities in which he also delivered sports props.

The top executive of INEFI argued that these initiatives are part of the institution’s new plans to provide sports equipment and renovate physical structures throughout the country, with a view to strengthening physical education and school sports.

“When the institution’s engineering brigades showed me this field, I was very sorry. For this reason, since we arrived almost three months ago, we have been in contact with all the schools, basically in Greater Santo Domingo, to bring solutions,” said Rodríguez Mella, in his speech before a large number of students and teachers who reflected their joy. , at the Marino Moreno González High School.

He stressed that this has been done following precise instructions from President Luis Abinader Corona and the Minister of Education, Ángel Hernández.

“I thank the authorities of this Pedro Brand school for the welcome they have given me, and I tell them to continue counting on me,” he said.

Prior to the delivery of the field, the executive director of INEFI was received by the authorities of that high school, represented by its director, Flavia Deyanira Germán.

The teacher Ana Iris Martínez made the invocation to God; meanwhile, Flavia Germán gave the words of welcome. The student Johan David de la Rosa Javier thanked INEFI for the delivery of the field and sports supplies.

Then, the INEFI commission –headed by Rodríguez Mella– went to the Alba Luz Casilla Díaz Basic School where it was received by its director Cristino Almonte Román, the teacher Jarolin Hernández and the student Candy Michelle Faña, who thanked the delivery.

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