Inditex becomes the first retailer to sign an agreement with Euratex

The Galician fashion company, known worldwide for being one of the great drivers of change in the fashion industry, has signed an agreement with the recycling area of Euratexthe European textile and clothing employers association. An agreement that could have gone unnoticed, but that marks a big change since until now they had only been signed with manufacturers.

The European Union has been fighting with the fast fashion industry for several years and they have Inditex in their sights. However, the Galician company aware of this has already begun to make some changes to get closer to the industry and the environmental objectives set by the EU. Last year Inditex launched an open innovation platform whose first project was Lanzatech, a company dedicated to the production of fabrics from the capture of carbon dioxide emissions. And they have not stopped there, they have also signed a three-year agreement with Infinite Fiber Company to buy 30% of your Infinna fiber production for €100 million.

For some time now, Inditex has been showing how its objectives are changing. Before, part of their business was focused on production, while now they are outsourcing part of the production to focus on designs and distribution. Although, it has not only been a movement of the Spanish fashion group, it has also been seen in many other companies that increasingly run away from production, since it has become a tedious activity.

Inditex still has a long way to go in terms of sustainability, but thanks to laws such as the Waste Law, issued by the Government in Spain, will be forced to develop a system of extended producer responsibility (Scrap). This will make retailers responsible for the collection and management of textile waste.

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Last year Inditex had its first contact with Euratex when it became one of the founding members of the business council of the ReHubs initiative. This initiative belongs to the European federation and aims to create five recycling centers in Europe with the aim of collecting, processing and recovering textile waste.

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