Indian youth forgot to attend his own wedding

Wedding day is very important in everyone’s life, that’s why people eagerly wait for this day, and start preparations many months in advance to make this day unique and memorable.

But a strange incident has happened in India, where a young man forgot to attend the wedding in the joy of his marriage.

According to the reports of Indian news agencies, the young man, a resident of the village of Sultanganj in the state of Bihar, drank so much alcohol in the joy of his marriage that he forgot to attend it.

Meanwhile, all the relatives including the bride and her family were waiting for the groom in the pandal, but he lost consciousness due to drinking too much alcohol and could not reach the pandal.

However, as soon as the young man got drunk, he immediately reached the bride’s house for marriage, but then the bride refused to marry.

Media reports said that the bride said that she could not spend her life with a man who did not understand his responsibilities. Apart from this, the bride’s parents demanded the groom’s parents to pay the money spent on the wedding arrangements.

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