An Indian man accused of killing a Kuwaiti man has been arrested after ten years. A Kuwaiti court has sentenced him to death.

According to details, India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has announced that it has arrested an Indian national who was first arrested by a Kuwaiti court in 2012 for murdering his sponsor in his absence. Was sentenced to death.

According to Indian media, an Indian criminal named Santosh Kumar Rana had managed to escape from Kuwait after killing his sponsor and his wife.

The statement indicated that the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry had filed a memorandum with its Indian counterpart against the fugitive in late 2016, in which it stated that the The culprit was demanded to be handed over to Kuwait.

In order to complete the trial of the fugitive convict, the relevant authorities of the two countries were liaised on the grounds that the criminal exchange agreement reached between them for the punishment of the offender. Imprisonment for more than a year.

It may be recalled that on February 29, 2012, a criminal court in Kuwait had sentenced the accused to death in his absence.