India: Mysterious murder of girl in resort, screenshots of last messages in public

India: Mysterious murder of girl in resort, screenshots of last messages in public

New Delhi: There have been new revelations in the case of the girl who was killed in a resort in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, the screenshots of the last messages of the deceased have come to light.

According to Indian media, the body of Ankta Bhandari, who was killed in a resort in Uttarakhand, was recovered from the Chela barrage and the body was handed over to the family members after the post-mortem.

Messages sent by the victim to his friends before his death are coming to light. In one of these messages, Ankita had informed her friend that the accused Pulkit Arya was willing to push her into prostitution, the screenshot of the victim’s messages is going viral on social media.

In the messages that have surfaced, Ankita is explaining how she is being forced to provide special services to customers and is being offered Rs 10,000 in return.

After these messages went viral, the police are also investigating them, according to the police officials, in hindsight it seems that all these messages belong to the victim, forensic tests are being conducted to confirm the same.

Earlier, a Facebook friend of the victim said that the victim was killed because she refused to have physical relations with guests at the resort, despite pressure from Pulkit Arya, the night she After calling his friend and reporting it, the victim’s phone became unreachable since then.

When the victim’s phone did not pick up after repeated attempts by the friends, they called Pulkat Arya.

Pulkit Arya then said that the victim had gone to sleep in her room, but the next day when the victim’s friends called Pulkit once again, this time his phone was also switched off.

It should be noted that Pulkit Arya, the main accused in the case, is the owner of the resort, where Ankita used to work. Pulkit is the son of Haridwar BJP leader Vinod Arya, who has been the chairman of the Uttarakhand Mati Kala Board.

The BJP leader’s son illegally constructed the resort in Yamkeshwar block of the district, which was demolished on Friday.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Saturday said that the illegally constructed resort of the accused was bulldozed late last night, the culprits of the heinous crime will not be spared.