India bans foreign funding of Mother Teresa’s charity

New Delhi: India has banned foreign funding of Nobel Laureate Mother Teresa’s charity.

According to details, India withheld foreign funding for Mother Teresa’s charity, a move that came after Hindu extremist groups disrupted Christmas celebrations by blocking foreign funds from the Missionaries of Charity.

Extremism in India has now engulfed the Christian community along with Muslims. The Modi government has refused to renew the foreign funding license for the charity, which employs thousands of workers (nuns). Supervises projects such as homes, schools, clinics and hospitals for orphans.

On Christmas Day, the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs announced that re-registration was not taking place due to misinformation, stating that the Catholic organization did not meet the requirements under local law. The move is a blow to the world’s most prominent shelter for the poor.

It should be noted that Hindu extremists have long accused the charity of using its programs to convert people to Christianity, but the organization has denied all such allegations.

The Missionaries of Charity was founded in 1950 by Mother Teresa, a Roman Catholic who spent most of her life in social work in Calcutta.


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