Home Sports Independiente took a step back against Arsenal

Independiente took a step back against Arsenal

Independiente took a step back against Arsenal

Arsenal beat Independiente 2-1, as a local, within the framework of the seventeenth date of the 2023 Professional League, and adds three important points in the fight for permanence.

In the match played at the Estadio Julio Humberto Grondona in Sarandí, Joaquín Laso opened the score for the locals after 8 minutes of play, while Lucas Brochero stretched the difference to 19 minutes into the game. Meanwhile, Matías Giménez, 33 minutes into the second half, discounted for those from Avellaneda.

In the beginning it was Independiente who attacked first with a shot from Cauteruccio that hit the post. Then Arsenal responded with a corner kick in which Joaquín Laso touched it with his hand inside the area, but Espinoza considered that he was sticking out his arm at the moment of the play.

The locals took the lead and after 8 minutes there was a good play by Santiago Toloza who opened to the left with Lautaro Guzmán, and his low cross was taken by Laso himself, who ended up scoring it against his goal.

Independiente looked for a tie, but without many ideas. He had one with a header from Cauteruccio that Alejandro Medina deflected down.

In the complement, the visitor continued trying to achieve equality, although it lacked depth. Without much else, Arsenal managed to increase the lead at 63 minutes with an overflow made by Lucas Brochero on the left and his cross was connected by Facundo Pons. 2-0.

But soccer has that unpredictability that makes it a beautiful sport. It is that after Flabian Londoño had the third for Arsenal, at 76 minutes the Independiente discount came through Matías Giménez.

In the end, motivated by the discount, Independiente went for the tie, but could not achieve it and lost again. The team suffered the second setback under the technical direction of Ricardo Zielinski. While Arsenal will welcome Federico Vilar Baudena, the new coach of the Viaducto team, with a victory.

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