In a very entertaining classic during the first 45 minutes and that became a catalog of kicks in the second half, Independiente beat Boca 1-0 in Avellaneda this Wednesday night and he approached him in the race for the cup classification.

Falcioni’s team made the difference before the age of 20, with a nice header from Uruguayan Benavídez, favored by the defensive disorder of those from Battaglia, who had their best chances at the end of the first half (in the second, they dedicated themselves to hitting ). So things, Boca is fifth in the annual table with 58 points while Rojo is seventh, with 54.

Battaglia surprised by introducing the trio of midfielders formed at the club – and a sensation last season – made up of Varela, Medina and Almendra. The three did not play together from starter since last May, when the then Boca de Miguel Angel Russo eliminated River on penalties in the quarterfinals of the League Cup then conquered by Colón.

It took 29 games for the shuttlecock trident to start again. And, of the three, the most prominent began being Medina, first going down a center in Sández for Pavón to define the bulge near the small area and, second, with an overflow of pure dribbling and definition (deviated) of rabona that justified its mention in these lines.

But the dominance of Boca, with Salvio acting as a hitch, failed to hurt the local cast. With order as a dogma and patience as a virtue, Independiente capitalized on the first one he had. Lucas González was stronger than Almendra in a dispute, he placed Velasco on the right wing and he took the center for a nice header from the Uruguayan Benavídez who, completely alone among the numerous xeneizes defenders (Medina was his designated brand), was suspended in the air and finished Rossi with his forehead.

Red became even more conservative after the advantage gained, although he was able to increase it again after a stopped ball – Benavídez’s goal originated from a corner – but Insaurralde’s header was cleared in a great way by Rossi. Then it was Boca’s turn, which had five clear situations for the tie: but twice he collided with Sosa, once with Bustos saving on the line and another two with Sández and Briasco finishing badly.

If the first 45 minutes were entertaining with goal situations on both sides; what came next became a recital of kicks, arguments and elbows that heated up the classic.

Of course, with Red up on the scoreboard, All this history was very good for the local, since Boca dedicated himself to hitting and forgot to play. This situation was perfectly reflected near the end when Velasco threw a long ball to Left who wanted to rush a serve and Boca’s central, as if he were a juvenile, he elbowed the red midfielder in front of the referee.

Unavoidable expulsion for captain xeneize -although the referee first showed him the yellow, in an alleged error when taking the card- and it was all uphill for Boca, who anyway quickly had a clear chance with an overflow from Villa and a shot demanded from Vázquez, two of the entered. Overcome the scare, Independiente only had to make no mistakes and celebrate.



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