Increase security in your e-commerce internationally with PrestaShop Checkout

During the pandemic, the number of online stores grew and, with it, fraud. At first, merchants did not take this risk into account, but online fraud has increased almost twice as fast as e-commerce sales, and merchants have gradually implemented a fraud prevention or operational risk system.

It is not always necessary to install a new tool, it is enough to have a good payment gateway that helps you improve the protection of the online store. PrestaShop Checkout helps protect you against unauthorized payments and fraudulent refund attempts. For it, is based on the integrated technology of PayPal and all its tools to fight against risks and fraud.

In addition, PrestaShop Checkout offers a series of additional advantages for online stores. First of all, this payment platform is completely international, meaning that it accepts payments in different currencies and countries around the world. It is especially useful for those who want to expand their business abroad and attract a global clientele.

Another advantage of PrestaShop Checkout is the confidentiality of transactions. The platform meets the highest security and privacy standards, which means you can be sure that your customers’ information is protected at all times. In addition, it uses the authentication protocol 3D Secure, which adds an additional layer of security to online transactions. This protocol uses a two-step authentication process to verify the cardholder’s identity, significantly reducing the risk of fraud.

In addition, it generates confidence in the consumer, since 84% of these say they do not buy on a website that does not provide security when making the payment.

PrestaShop is a key partner in the digitization of commerce, offering a wide variety of modules to facilitate functionalities such as analysis, performance and web marketing, a hosting offer and support in the implementation of your platform to scale your business.

To conclude, online fraud is a growing threat to e-commerce. However, PrestaShop Checkout allows you to increase the security of your online store easily and effectively.

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