In which countries are nurses the best paid?

The French health system is in crisis, and not just because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Among the deep ills that affect caregivers, the lack of attractiveness of their professions. And so wages. Are you so badly paid being a nurse in France? According to this infographic from our partner Statistabased on OECD data, the conclusion is clear: nurses in France are less well off than in many other countries.

It is in Mexico that we find the best level of remuneration for this profession: it is 74% higher than the average salary of the general population. Belgium (+47%) and Spain (+41%) follow. France, for its part, ranked 30th out of 32 in the OECD on this criterion in 2019. An increase in the salary of caregivers was certainly initiated in October 2021, but not enough to rise sharply in the ranking.

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