In Paysandú, several businesses were affected by robberies and vandalism

Various companies related to entertainment in the urban spa area Paysandu They suffered Robberies and destruction. The last one this weekend was at the Casita de la Playa, where there is a children’s playground.

Franco Mary, a businessman, told News Agency that when they arrived at the site they found “a pitched battle.”

“I work with a company in Montevideo that leaves me some equipment like baseball players and stuffed animals on commission, and the one that had the worst fate was the baseball player that they destroyed to lose internal revenue, and then an internal one Arcade team that is worth 60,000 pesos. They destroyed that. There is no recovery,” he said.

They also stole items from a refrigerator, extension cords and other supplies the store needs to operate. “Many things that add up to a total value of about 100,000 pesos,” he explained.

It was the second time the criminals had entered the premises. The first time, they didn’t take things that were “very valuable,” he said.

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