In Mercedes it hurts about Bahrain

Mercedes He has been watching for two years as the title of champion of Formula 1 Is going to max verstappen, star pilot of Red Bull who threatens to extend his reign for another year after his impressive victory in the Bahrain GP. And as if that were not enough, almost out of nowhere the Aston Martin-Fernando Alonso pairing has appeared to add more salt to the wound. But in brackley keep calm for now.

Not even being surpassed by the team of Silverstone and his AMR23a car with which they share a power unit, gearbox and rear suspension, causes panic in the star team, which after the first race of the year has issued a statement addressed to all its fans: “Bahrain hurts”the letter begins. In it, Mercedes promises not to rush into decisions sponsored by emergencies.

“The situation we are facing right now is not what any of us wanted, but it is what we have. Thats the reality. And the simple questions are: what can we do about it and what will we do about it? First, we will not panic nor will we make instinctive reactions ”, they continue from Mercedes. They assure that they will not stop working, in the search that will allow them more benefits for their W14 and not be outclassed once again by a ‘customer’ car like Aston Martin’s: “We are working urgently and calmly to build our plan of recovery, focusing on what needs to happen in the short, medium and long term to win. We already have developments in preparation for the next races, and there will be more to come. But this will not be the work of a moment. We are already working hard to change the course of this 2023 season. The recovery started immediately after the race, and everyone has a role to play.”

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And this situation also adds questions to the future of Lewis Hamilton, who is pursuing his eighth World Cup to become the most successful driver in history in that statistical section. He already leads in others, but in brackley They know that Sir Lewis’s ambition, like that of the other drivers, does not understand conformism: “We will all stick together and I don’t think that is going to change just because we had another start that was really bad,” he says about it. Toto Wolff. If there are more questions or new certainties, the asphalt will tell. And in a week jeddah.

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