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“In LaLiga there are many actor players who seek to deceive the referee”

Manu Trigueros, a Villarreal player, celebrated the victory against Cádiz and seeing himself immersed in the fight for the Champions League with two days to go.

The captain of the groguets recognized the effort and the fight to reach the txuriurdin in his interview with Manu Carreño on Cadena SER’s El Larguero. “We are going to fight until the last day to enter the Champions League. Real Sociedad still has one win left to qualify and we must continue, ”he explained.

Trigueros also expressed his complaints about the VAR, which annulled a goal he scored after a struggle with a Cádiz rival. This, contrary to what can be thought a priori, put the focus on the referees. “We still have to establish the VAR, we all have to help, we have to help so that there are no fouls, many saves and fewer acting players than there are many in LaLiga. There are many actors, yes. I’m not going to tell you who because now they don’t come to my head. In football there is a lot of acting and in Spain there is a lot of picaresque. There are players who try to deceive the referee more, ”he stressed.

The midfielder also explained his difficulty in picking up the best form point of the season. ”I can’t get in shape at any time during the season. We have a strong mentality and in football there are moments of all kinds, we have to be prepared for this type of situation”, he declared.

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