In Argentina, they pretended to be transporting a seriously ill patient in an ambulance, but they had a shipment of cocaine worth a million dollars

A routine inspection operation on the province’s roads Argentina from Santiago del Estero in the Monte Quemado area revealed a drug delivery in an unusual vehicle: an ambulance.

When they stopped them, the driver said they were in a hurry because they were transporting a patient in serious condition to a hospital in Buenos Aires.

However, based on the responses received, officials warned that there were things that were not closed.

They were finally convinced when they saw the woman on the stretcher and realized that the IV tube she was supposed to have attached actually went nowhere.

They then discovered some screws that appeared to have been loosely removed and tightened.

Terra, the gendarmerie’s anti-narcotics dog, discovered the reason for the staging, as the highly complex medical transfer unit was hiding 134 kilograms cocaine.

The driver, the supposed doctor and the fake patient were eventually arrested. The count revealed that they were transporting 134,229 kilograms of cocaine.

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