Important economic data coming for America, China and Europe

The US real estate market, Chinese productivity and European inflation are all on the agenda for this week. In that regard, it looks like it will be an important week for three superpowers in the macroeconomic field.

The US economy

For us as investors, the US economy is the most important thing right now. After all, that’s what the Federal Reserve looks at most when it comes to its own interest rate policy. As long as the US economy survives, the Federal Reserve has room to raise interest rates to fight inflation. The strange thing is that this is not good for Bitcoin, leading many investors to hope that something will go wrong with the economy.

Somehow that is of course a strange situation, that you as an investor hope that people will become unemployed or that the housing market will collapse, because the central bank then has to print money again. But hey, that’s just how the cards are shuffled. This week, the National Association of Home Builders releases its monthly Housing Market Index. This measures the sentiment of homebuilders in the United States. Over the past nine months, this index has been decreased.

China and Europe

Of course, China and Europe also play an important role at the macroeconomic level. This week, the Chinese will release new figures on gross domestic product and industrial productivity on Tuesday morning at 4 a.m. Dutch time. Two important figures that give a good picture of the strength of the Chinese economy.

From Europe we get the Eurozone inflation figures, which are expected to come back in at 10.0 percent. This means that the average inflation rate in Europe is lower than in the Netherlands, where we are unfortunately dealing with an inflation rate of more than 14 percent. Not a good thing, but it might make people think about the power and absolute scarcity of Bitcoin.

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