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IMF monitors case to determine if it would affect stability

FMI monitorea caso para determinar si afectaría estabilidad

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is monitoring the bankruptcy situation in the United States to determine whether or not there is a possibility that it could affect financial stability. “We are closely monitoring the developments and the possible implications for financial stability, and we have full confidence that the political leaders in the United States are taking the appropriate measures to address the situation,” an IMF spokesperson explained to Listín Diario, from the headquarters of the multilateral financial organization in Washington, DC

The IMF operates the Monetary and Financial Council, a unit that is in charge of monitoring and helping global financial stability.

Several media publications, mainly El País, report possible contagion of the three banks involved in the bankruptcy, effects that have fallen on the Wall Street stock market and also on the Ibex 35, a group of the main European multinationals that have subsidiaries or do business globally, including in Latin America.

The country is also in the monitoring phase, like all the nations of the world. As reported, the banks in trouble in the United States have no ties to domestic entities.

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