I’m innocent, thank God I can go home

The Uruguayan footballer Sebastian Sosa After nine days of arrest, he made his first statements when he was investigated in Tucumán (Argentina) for a complaint of sexual abuse. The judge stated that his situation was “secondary” and accepted bail of 50 million Argentine pesos (approximately $60,000).

Sosa was released this Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. and returned to his home in Buenos Aires, where he set his address before the judge. He remains on trial but is released. You must appear in court every 15 days.

“I fully trust the justice system of Tucumán, I am innocent and the only thing I want is for the truth about all this to come to light,” he explained. And he said he would not elaborate on the complaint about what he and the victim said.

“I am satisfied with the defense of my lawyers (…) Thank God I can go home. I reject any act of violence, I have said that from day one,” he added.

Sosa thanked his family and said their support was “priceless.” “They were there from the first moment,” he said.

Sosa, 37 years old, was the subject of the trial in the province where the case is being investigated, since it is also the province where the crime was committed. The football player found himself in a “secondary” situation, as the judiciary initially assumed that he had no direct involvement.

Although he is the subject of the trial, he can lead a “normal life” and will travel to Buenos Aires this Wednesday, he said Underlined his lawyer in Uruguay, Jorge Barrera. His defense had said that the footballer “can work”; that the only restriction is to leave Argentina for 90 days.

Barrera then explained that Sosa has been charged and is under investigation for “secondary involvement” in the sexual abuse case that the 24-year-old girl reported in Tucumán in early March.

Three more Velez football players were accused of sexual abuse and the Argentine justice system ruled that they could await trial under house arrest. You find yourself in this situation this Wednesday.

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After the complaint and the start of the tax investigation, Velez decided to terminate the contracts with all footballers involved.

The complaint against Sebastián Sosa and other footballers.

A 24-year-old girl reported that on March 3 she was the victim of sexual abuse by four soccer players from Vélez, among whom she also mentioned Sosa.

The complainant appeared before the Tucumán police with her lawyer Patricia Neme and said that on March 2, at 10:00 p.m., when the match between Vélez and Atlético de Tucumán ended, she “made contact” with Sosa, who sent her messages via Instagram to invite her. She takes her to the hotel where the team stayed and indicates the part she accessed Underlined.

The young woman said that she was ready to go and that she arrived at around 12:40 p.m. on March 3 and went to room 407.

Sosa was there, he said, but also the football players Cufré, Florentín and Osorio, with whom he later drank beer and Fernet.

“After drinking a few drinks, she began to feel bad, very dizzy, so she lay down on one of the beds as if sleepy,” the text of the complaint reads.

There she stated that she had been abused, that there had been no consent and that she had left at half past five in the morning when she was feeling better. He went home.

The Tucumán police reported the complaint to the Sexual Integrity Abuse Unit No. 1 of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The head of the department ordered examinations of the victim, confiscated the clothes that the young woman had handed over and requested images from the security cameras of the hotel where the team was staying.

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