Île-de-France: Ile-de-France residents feel less concerned by insecurity than before, according to a study

While the feeling of insecurity is still high in Île-de-France, it is less pronounced than in previous years. This year, 45% of Ile-de-France residents say they are afraid, against 47.7% in 2019, according to a survey by the Paris Region Institute unveiled this Thursday, October 21.

Whether in transport, in the street or at home, Ile-de-France residents are generally less afraid than before: they are now 38% to be afraid in public transport, against 41% in 2019, and are 7 % to be afraid in their home and 19% in their neighborhood, when they were respectively 10% and 23% to have these fears in 2015.

However, more than half of them (54%) continue to feel insecure, according to this survey on victimization and the feeling of insecurity in Île-de-France, carried out by the IPR among 8,000 Ile-de-France residents. , aged 15 and over. A stable figure for years, since they were 53% to think so in 2019, and 55% in 2015.

According to this study, 19.5% of Ile-de-France residents surveyed say they fear going out alone in their neighborhood at night. An overall finding that hides, according to the Paris Region Institute, “strong disparities between the departments”. For example, in Hauts-de-Seine (92), only 15.4% of the population explains being afraid at night, while they are 25.8% in Seine-Saint-Denis (93) or 22.9 % in Paris (75).

Ile-de-France residents less victims than two years ago

With regard to victimization, 43% of Ile-de-France residents surveyed indicated that they had been “victims” of it (all victimizations combined). They are 32% to have experienced a burglary or an attack on a vehicle, against 39% in 2019. The decrease is most marked for thefts or attempted thefts without violence, explains the study, while 10.3% of respondents say they have been victims at least once in the past three years, against 12.7% in 2019.

In contrast, sexual assault did not decline. On the contrary, concerning these facts, the increase is confirmed. 91% lived by women, these attacks affected 2.6% of respondents, against 2.4% in 2019 and 1.4% in 2017.

Poverty, as the number one concern

Finally, among the main concerns of Ile-de-France residents, it is poverty, unemployment and delinquency that form the top three. Poverty appears to be the main concern, cited by 40.5% of respondents, followed by unemployment, cited by 26.3% of them and finally, delinquency, which 20.5% of respondents cite as the top priority. action for the government. That is a clear increase compared to two years ago (+ 4.8 points).

Another source of significant concern according to the Paris Region Institute, pollution has been the subject of “growing interest on the part of Ile-de-France residents since the mid-2010s (cited by 11.7% in 2021, against 3.5 % in 2015)”.

Carried out every two years since 2001, this survey on Victimization and the feeling of insecurity in Île-de-France is the eleventh. According to the IPR, “its vocation is to provide information on the living conditions of Ile-de-France residents”.

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