“If I had to gamble with someone, I wouldn’t choose Espanyol”

Espanyol will play their lives tomorrow against Valencia in Mestallathe same scenario that went around the world a week ago due to the racist insults of some fans of Vinicius Junior. Now, with urgency, a parakeet team is measured that is at stake or not. “My teams do not speculate,” warns the Asturian coach, who emphasizes the mental strength of his players, whom he calls “crazy”.

Will Gragera enter the squad list?

-Gragera continues with discomfort. It’s progressing well, but we have to wait until this afternoon to have everyone available.

-How is the locker room mentally after the high against Atlético and, at the same time, the delicate situation the team is going through?

-I see them very strong as they have shown in recent weeks. It has been done that way with blows. When the opponent touched you emotionally it was hard, but in Vallecas as at home against Atlético we showed tremendous mental strength. He never gave up, he equaled 0-3, he is strong and plugged in. He is convinced of his options to maintain the category.

-Do you think it will be a game that will be won emotionally?

-Today the mental part is key and fundamental. Everything else is useless without it. Everyone has the right to make mistakes but not to abandon themselves. That gets you nowhere. This team has been an example of what parrot DNA is. It is key to continue like this for the rest of the game and for tomorrow. Apart from tactical readings, we must do many things well. The mindset is key. We are very good at that.

LaLiga Santander 2022/2023

18Real Valladolid38eleven5twenty

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next matches
Valencia – SpanishD-28/05 19:00
Spanish – AlmeriaD-04/06 19:00


*Data updated as of May 27, 2023

-The match against Valencia is all or nothing. Does that affect the way you play?

-If I characterize myself for something, it is because my teams do not speculate, they are aggressive, and tomorrow will not be an exception. You have to attack in an orderly manner, be calm. I don’t do accounts. I only think about winning, I’m sure if we do it last it can be easier. With six out of six there is a large percentage of continuing in the First Division. That’s the important thing, we have many options.

-They as locals have an advantage, but can that environment play against them?

-We played against a good rival. They have good players, and we reiterate the mental issue. If I played it against someone I wouldn’t want it to be Espanyol. We live by experiencing good situations, we have overcome complex moments.

Javi Puado, in training.
Javi Puado, in training.Gorka Leiza

-What should Espanyol repeat or copy in Mestalla from their victory in Vallecas?

-Defensive commitment, being supportive both in the defensive phase and in transitions, adjusting vigilance well; and with the ball like the other day, that they dare, threaten, that they reach the area, everything we know about that. To meet the goal we have to be us.

-Do you think that it will diminish Valencia’s spirits that a part of the stands is closed?

-They will fill Mestalla as much as they can, but I prefer the 1,000 parakeets that will make a brutal noise. You always have to see the positive part, and those 1,000 will feel like they were 5,000.

LaLiga Santander 2022/2023


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next matches
Valencia – SpanishD-28/05 19:00
Betis – ValenciaD-04/06 19:00


*Data updated as of May 27, 2023

-Is it the most important match of your coaching career?

-That’s for sure because it’s the next one. From there, I take the games as if they were the most important. It is the key to getting beautiful things. Every day is different. The repercussion is greater, but I take it calmly because of the confidence I have in the players.

-Is Espanyol the team of the bottom seven with the most mental strength?

-I don’t know, I don’t know the others, but these in here are very crazy and anything can happen. The players believe and the fans believe, we were close to 4-3 against Atlético. We are psychologically prepared, I don’t know how the others are.

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