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“If I go to Arabia, if they call me? I’m not going to inherit…”

 “If I go to Arabia, if they call me?  I'm not going to inherit..."

Vicente del Bosque was always among the most fans of Sergio Busquets football. The former coach and world and European champion with La Roja took advantage of the departure of the Barcelona midfielder to go through The spar and grant a brief interview in which the 5 culé was dealt with, but also about the most current issues.

Del Bosque considered a possible offer from Arab football, but ruled it out outright. “If I go to Arabia, if they call me? I’m not even going to inherit… ”, she sentenced.

These were their statements:

Busquets race: “The age of the players has extended a lot, and since Sergio has always taken care of himself, I think he still has miles in football”

The world Cup: “What was discussed in the World Cup was the double pivot after the defeat. Those from Madrid were clear who to remove and those from Barcelona too. It was more of a problem of feeling”

Champions League semifinals: “I think that the two teams have had a lot of respect with the dominance phases of the match, the result reflects what happened on the field. We don’t have to be afraid either, they talk to us about the Premier League but Italian football must have hegemony because it has two Champions League semifinalists. It’s not like they’re going to discover the world either.”

Busquets, coach: “Not long ago they were kids and you see them already on the bench, we are all playing. I don’t know if he has a vocation, but knowledge and knowing how to put together a team he has already done for many years ”

Rodri as relief: ” “The other day I heard that Rodri was a disaster in the Champions League semifinal, and I thought that I shouldn’t have any idea of ​​football. Zubimendi also seems like a very good player to me”

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