ID Logistics entrusts its IBM Power hosting to ACSEP

Starting this summer, ACSEP will host ID Logistics’ IBM Power infrastructure (formerly AS/400) in a dozen countries. This new, highly strategic mission marks a new stage in the collaboration between ID Logistics and ACSEP.

Agile, secure and sustainable hosting.

ID Logistics has launched a tender for the hosting of its IBM Power computing equipment, with the aim of entrusting it to a French player with infrastructure capabilities in France, in order to protect its data and that of its customers.

As mentioned Laurent Condamine, Director of Information Systems at ID Logistics Group: «Data hosting is a very strategic topic for the group. We wanted to have a single pair of data centers operated in France by a French team to offer a centralized and secure service that can intervene as quickly as possible. The goal: total control and absolutely secure access to our data.

Following the RFP, ID Logistics selected ACSEP, which relied on IBM technology and the power of FreePro to implement a secure, business-focused model that provided a unified solution across all operational locations.

In particular, ACSEP proposed a particularly effective recovery plan that has already proven its effectiveness. «Thanks to the alert system put in place by ACSEP, they were able to shift our activities to their infrastructure this summer without any operational impact to our teams.“, Explain Laurent Condamine.Due to the different locations, our teams always work at any time of the day and we need to provide them with an effective working tool. With Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner, we are entering peak season where we will double our capacity and number of operators. Therefore, it is important that we have a scalable system that allows our business to function optimally.«.

In addition, ID Logistics and ACSEP have chosen to implement a sustainable solution with servers and infrastructure that consume much less electricity than previous generations. Finally, ACSEP’s proposed active/active mode also means lower consumption and a faster recovery plan.

With this new data center in Marseille, operated by ACSEPID Logistics offers its customers a robust, agile, scalable and sustainable service.

Hosting, a new ACSEP service

«One of our strengths is implementing innovative solutions in a short time“he continues Condamines. “With the support of ACSEP, we were able to meet our deadlines. We rolled out this new IT infrastructure in less than 3 months and for ID Logistics Italia in less than 6 weeks!

This was possible because the model and proposed solutions are 100% managed by the ACSEP team, which has expanded the scope of activities offered to ID Logistics. «We support ID Logistics in areas such as the implementation of information systems in its warehouses in France and abroad, the management of its call centers and the maintenance of its IT environments in operational conditions. From now on we will also work on the lowest level of solutions through hosting“, It says Thierry Puharré, President of the ACSEP Group. ““We are very proud to have the trust of a group like ID Logistics to support you in this very strategic area.”.

With this new contract, ACSEP offers a service that fits naturally into its 360° offering. ACSEP hosting includes 24/7 proactive hardware and system monitoring with alert information, system and application backup management, high availability management including backup recovery plans, IT, IT infrastructure security, technical incident management and IT failover exercises. A comprehensive and secure service, especially thanks to the partnership with IBM.

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