IA predicts the position in which Athletic will be in LaLiga 2023

If we use technology, based on the results achieved so far and the calendar that remains until the end, we obtain the final classification

If we take as reference some programs of AIwe can know the future of Athletic in The league 2023. These artificial intelligence programs take statistics and probability as a reference, so that an average is obtained between the results obtained and the forecasts in the remaining matches.

That is to say, a game that Athletic won easily in the first round, for the AI ​​it is also feasible that they will obtain the three points now. Applying these algorithms, Athletic could be in sixth place at the end of the season, so the goal set at the beginning of the season would be achieved.

Athletic would finish sixth according to artificial intelligence programs

IA puts Athletic in Europe

Obviously, these types of predictions must be taken with a grain of salt. Because Sevilla FC, to give a clear example of skipping logic, is likely to score many more points in the second round than in the first. The arrival of Bryan Gil, Ocampos, Gueye and Badé has to be noted.

Now with hardly any signings, Sampaoli has given them a facelift and they have managed to get out of the bottom zone. They are 5 points behind the European zone and they will surely end up getting into the fight. But the AI ​​is what it is and today places FC Barcelona champion, Real Sociedad fourth and Athletic in sixth position.

In football everything is possible

We will have to wait until June and play the games. In football anything can happen, since Athletic caught a stellar streak and slipped into the Champions League, until they went into a tailspin and ended up asking for the time for fear of relegation. The goal is Europe and we have to fight for it to the end.

The Copa del Rey can be defining, since accessing the final, with the Super Cup secured and the accounts squared, can make the piston go down in LaLiga. Or vice versa, that serves as motivation to go up. The prediction of the AI ​​tools put Athletic sixth. But you have to show it on the field.

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