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“I learn a lot from Alonso”

“I learn a lot from Alonso”

Pepe Martí won the first race of the season in Formula 3, in Bahrain. The 17-year-old Catalan competes with Campos Racing and is one of the drivers that forms part of Fernando Alonso’s representative office, A14 Management. This Thursday he commented on that victory and other details of the championship in SER Deportivos. “I really enjoyed it, I hadn’t won for a long time and I went on to win two wins in the Emirates (in the Middle East regional championship), and then I won the first Formula 3 race. It was a tense race, I started second but lost a position in the first corner. It was a race that was heavily intervened by the safety car. In the first start I overtook one of the riders and in the second, I got closer to the leader and passed him later. F3 races are a lot of fun, there are a lot of cars on the track and we can fight, there is always action and that characterizes the competition and the championship. I recommend people watch it because it’s intense.”

On his relationship with Alonso: “I’m still getting to know him. I have been in A14 for a short time, it always took me (as representative) Genis Marco (one of the discoverers of Fernando). I admire him a lot, as a driver and as a person. I am learning a lot from him and I really appreciate his support.” What do you notice about Fernando? “How quickly he adapts to the conditions and how opportunistic he is, in any exit or gap he tries to put the car in and that is difficult to do with precision. Only someone like Fernando can do it with that consistency.”

“I am developing, I keep changing and Every time I go out on the track I improve and learn new things. In some things I suppose I am similar, but I always identify myself as a driver who thinks a lot behind the wheel, who wants to have things under control and makes the right decisions. I am still growing and that is what it is about, following the line of learning”, He tells about his driving style, still in training. He is fourth in the F3 standings.

For this season, his objective is clear: “My goal would be to win the championship, but I think that right now, the way things are, the important thing is to keep scoring points and be competitive. And to make good classifications, which is right now what is complicating the terrain for us”. Of course, with a ballast: “I measure 1.87 and I am at the limit of everything in the car. As the championship works with the average weight of the pilots, he took 1.5 kilos of lead (of ballast). But I am a growing boy and during the year I will gain weight that will hurt me. But hey, the salads at home are good”.

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