“I have met Alonso from 2007 who came from being champion”

Leaded feet. A few hours before the start of the most anticipated season of Formula 1, Aston Martin continues to try to contain the euphoria of its great step forward. The illusion is carried by flag in the British factory before the advance of the single-seater and with special hope placed in his great signing, a double world champion like Fernando Alonso. And it is that the Spaniard has started on a very good footing, for this reason, the emotion has skyrocketed on social networks among his thousands of followers. Which complicates the position of Peter De La Rosa as a brand ambassador. “My job is intense to contain this euphoria that is being experienced and it is being impossible,” reveals the former pilot with a laugh, during his speech The spar of the Chain BEalso assuming that “The Bahrain tests went very well” and that Alonso “did a very good race” in simulation.

“Is this the reality? I don’t know, I want to think so, but we are going to have our feet on the ground ”, insists De La Rosa, although aware that the work of the factory, in Silverstone, has been impressive throughout the winter. The preseason has shown that “last year’s car has been greatly improved”, at the level of perhaps being able to compete with Mercedes. But, he remembers, the real level of all the cars will not be seen “until they go out on the track.” “It was at a height of Mercedes or Ferrari. Where we come from, it’s a huge leap”, recalls the Spaniard, eager to see what the Bahrain GP holds this weekend.

Of course, with improving seventh place in the Constructors’ World Championship they are already satisfied. And that, for the moment, It is on its way to becoming a reality. Everything has been compacted and, although Red Bull is at a higher level, “there are four or five teams that are very even.” “Right now I see a Formula 1 somewhat different from last year. There were three strong teams and the rest of the world”, confesses the ambassador of the test revelation team, who also hopes that this equality can be maintained throughout the year to guarantee the “fight and competitiveness” that people want: “I hope Red Bull doesn’t dominate. Let’s see if Mercedes is hiding. There are great teams that are going to have a difference with Red Bull”.

And being his great asset of the season, Pedro De La Rosa can’t stop talking about Fernando Alonso and his feelings after a surprisingly positive test: “It gives me peace of mind, hope and great enthusiasm. He sees that the car has started well and has a good tool to compete this season. He is a very motivating driver of the team. I have found the Fernando of 2007 who came from being world champion. He is brutal, he has the ability to motivate people… He achieves that motivation because he is the first to be motivated and with tremendous inner strength. He has known how to transmit it to the rest of the team ”. Now is the time to take action.

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