Pamela made landfall on Wednesday as a category 1 hurricane on the Mexican Pacific coast causing heavy rainfall and high waves, reported the United States National Hurricane Center (NHC).

At 12:00 GMT, Pamela entered the continent about 65 kilometers north of the port of Mazatlán, in the northwestern state of Sinaloa, with sustained winds of 120 km / h and was moving at 22 km / h, according to data from the US center. .

"The center of Pamela made landfall on Mexico’s west central coast near Estación Dimas", a community of about 3,600 residents, the NHC reported.

The phenomenon, which was initially forecast to make landfall as a major hurricane (above category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson scale of 5), weakened as it neared the coast until it degraded to a tropical storm in the afternoon. Tuesday.

A few hours before making landfall, Pamela regained some strength and became a hurricane again. It is expected to weaken again as it advances over land.

In the port of Mazatlán, about 70 km south of Dimas Station, 16 US citizens were sheltered in shelters after being stranded at the local airport due to the cancellation of their flights due to bad weather.

The tourists, who were heading to Dallas, Phoenix and Los Angeles, were transferred to a shelter where they will remain until conditions improve, reported Eloy Ruiz, a local Civil Protection coordinator.

The authorities called on inhabitants of rural areas in the impact area to move to shelters due to the risk of flooding.

On Tuesday night, the Sinaloa government declared a dozen municipalities on red alert due to the proximity of the phenomenon.

Due to its geographical location, Mexico suffers the onslaught of tropical cyclones on both its Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

This year, the most lethal has been Grace, who made landfall first in the Caribbean and later in the state of Veracruz (east), leaving 11 dead in that district and in neighboring Puebla.



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